A Word From Our Pastor

The Letters of the Apostle John

The apostle John wrote five books of the New Testament; the Gospel of John, 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John and the book of Revelation.

John died around AD 100. Shortly before he died, around AD 96, the three epistles (letters) were written. We know John was pastoring at the church in Ephesus at the time, a church that had been founded by Paul.

The church was doing a lot of good things. Yet their relationship with the Lord was growing cold, as we read in Revelation 2:1-5.
By this time, Gnosticism was also sweeping through the church. Gnosticism was a teaching that denied the fact that Jesus was actually a man with a body; it taught that He didn’t leave foot prints.

John’s desire was that they not only know about Jesus, but that they know Him personally. God has put a desire for relationship in every one of us; to have relationships with other people – and especially with God.

John is about 90 years old at the time of these epistles. He is the last living witness of Christ. Paul has been beheaded and Peter martyred. John begins his writing with the center of relationship: Jesus Christ!