A Word From Our Pastor

Paul’s Letter to the Romans

Every book of the Bible has a particular theme and a specific reason for being written. Sometimes the writer’s purpose starts out being pretty simple and straightforward, but as the Holy Spirit develops the message, it goes far deeper than he could have ever imagined. Such is the case with Paul’s letter to the Roman Church.

To understand why Paul wrote this letter, consider that the Roman church was made up of both Jews and Gentiles. In addition, the religious culture of Rome led to much homogenization within the body. Finally, this church had probably never had a formal visit from any Church leader, let alone Paul. They did have doctrinal issues that needed to be dealt with.

Paul writes to them as a means of clearly explaining the full message of the gospel. The Holy Spirit develops Paul’s simple message into the consummate book on the gospel message, which is far more than simply ‘Jesus saves’. Romans points out that all human beings are sinners. It explains that, for the purposes of salvation, there is no difference between Jew and Gentile.

Romans also clearly lays out God’s intent to save mankind through grace, by faith. But that’s just for starters. This epistle also explains that salvation is just the first step. Yes, Jesus does save. But he also transforms lives AFTER salvation. That’s the full gospel Paul lays out in this epistle.