A Word From Our Pastor

The Book of Hebrews

Debates have raged for almost two thousand years concerning the author of this book. Whoever penned the letter had an intense understanding of theology combined with an immense Greek vocabulary. Though the question of authorship doesn’t really matter, for truly, God is the ultimate author of Hebrews. In reality, the entire Bible is the autobiography of God – from Genesis to Revelation.

The Book of Hebrews was addressed to Jewish believers who were being pulled back into Judaism. Living in Jerusalem, they were no doubt reminded of their heritage and history each time they heard the trumpets sounding from the courtyard of the temple. Some found themselves drawn back into the religion and rituals of the Levitical system. Jesus came to establish a New Covenant, the New Testament. That is why there are very sober warnings throughout the book, saying, “If you go back to the old religion and ritual, you nullify the work Christ did on the Cross for you. Don’t complicate your faith. Keep it simple. Keep it focused. Keep it centered on Jesus.”